Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Since Saturday I've done a few short barefoot and Five Finger runs, some paddling, a bike ride, yoga, and started my new strength and flexibility work. It feels weird to not be running more, but I'm looking forward to building into a new program that includes some of this other stuff.

Yoga in the park with Katie was great - thank you Karen for inviting me, and Katie for a great class! (Dylan Wykes was in the class, how's that for a good endorsement of yoga for runners!) Karen and I did a bit of barefoot in the grass after, and then hit the high bars. Eliza, how are your chin-ups coming along? Karen is better at them than I am after months of me working at them!

I've been doing planks like Eliza, David and Debbie all suggested, plus some other exercises David and Kimberley gave me. Planks are amazing, I can see why those guys were all raving about them. Thanks for enlightening me!

I also really love this strength stuff that Running Times is putting up.

Here is a handy pdf of the Myrtl Routine they do, which is amazing. Should help the log hurdling.

Check out the Toronto Star this Saturday (June 6) for a trail running article that Derrick was interviewed for.


Anonymous said...

Hey!! couldn't help notice the MYRTLE model was in a park rather than the gym!! Nice. Nothing like a barefoot run in the grass (with numerous colleagues and university academics strolling by) to feel renewed, rejuvenated and really silly!! Such fun! Very therapeutic! As far as the arm strength goes....too bad one can't run with them...

Eliza said...

Re: Chin-ups
My record is now 2(although I am actually doing pull-ups which is hands facing away from me).
Re: Planks
Glad you are enjoying the planks sans alcohol I assume.

Re: Arms
They certainly are getting their due recognition these days. I think you should cut the sleeves off all of you tops and show them off big time.

Sara said...

K - It was kind of silly, but so fun!

E - Awesome job with the pull-ups!Yes, sans alcohol. I'm all talk!