Friday, September 3, 2010

Workout Bliss

Derrick and I did our first real workout together last night in way too long; maybe a year even, yikes. A ridiculously long time, and oh how I've missed the fun we have. (When I say we do it together I really mean we warm up together, do the same workout at our own pace, then cool down together.) The workout was a tempo run around two loops of a combination trail and road route with a big uphill at the end, so it wasn't a super-fast loop, but the effort felt great.

The cool down is always so fun because we chatter away in our sweaty-tired satisfaction about how we felt, our pace, blah blah blah, just basically analyzing every little thing in absurd detail that a non-runner would find extremely bizarre and tedious.

On normal runs you can let your mind wander, but in a speed workout your world becomes narrowly focused down to your own little bubble. I crave that, and that's a big part of why I love workouts so much. They are uncomfortable, but they have to be to get to that place where all the clutter in your brain just falls to the wayside and you're floating free.

A Siku Workout: Spinning in Circles