Thursday, August 27, 2009

Book Shelf

I just read two books with similar themes - people who find themselves despairing over modern life so they pack it all up and move to the wilderness - they both end up along the Yukon River, one in the Yukon Territory and one in Alaska's interior.

I recommend both books to anyone who can relate to their desire. (Be warned though, they don't make coming into the office any easier.)

The titles are Up the Yukon Without A Paddle by Dorian Amos, and Call of the Wild by Guy Grieve. (Another excellent one is Chris Czajkowski's Diary of a Wilderness Dweller.)

Here is a short interview with Grieve:


Monday, August 24, 2009

Week of Aug 17 - 23

M - 60' started at 8pm when it cooled down a bit. Finished up at house with some laps with Siku then a lap with Neeka and Mali.
T - 60' Cat W
W - am 30' Rideau Tr with Ro&Ro; pm 70' Cat E + Wallace Rd with 30' tempo (start on Cat then long uphill). Cooldown at home with Siku and Jesse. Nice to see the stars again this week.
T - 60' Stuffed from work potluck and really hot and muggy. Blech.
F - am 60' ridiculously muggy. Radar showed it was raining but it wasn't, grrr; pm 46' Cat W, felt good then crashed. Had two naps after and then right through the night too. Zapped.
S - am 40' Cat W, felt ok; pm 20' house trail barefoot + 90' yoga
S - 4:38 Fr Park North Perimeter. Felt great in first half and had a nice swim at Birch Lake at around 3 hours to cool off. Felt great until about 3:20, then horrible. Crawled in 27' slower than last time I did this loop. Derrick went ahead at 3:30 and checked back with me as I was finishing up and he was going back out to add on. I ate and napped in the car, happy to be done. Not sure why I crashed so hard, but think it was too much Nuun (I drank a bottle of it, and then when I refilled my pack I added a tablet to the bladder too...should have left it), which in turn made me not eat enough. Temps were reasonable compared to what they have been, and no deerflies until the very end. Trails in great shape. Tons of people out, good to see the park being used. Almost every group had a dog. Lucky pups.

Total: 12:04. Good week of training. Haven't been over 12 since April, but with so many singles it didn't seem like that much mentally, though I was certainly tired. Humidity is brutal, looking forward to crisper days now hopefully. Hip/glute/hammie improving, really noticed at 2:15 into long run they weren't sore at all. I think yoga is helping.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall Running Plans

Haliburton Forest

I decided to sign up for the Haliburton 50k again this year, which is September 12th. This will be my 4th time running this 50k, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful trails and great atmosphere again. I really thought I was going to prioritize a fall marathon this year, but I simply enjoy trail running about a million times more than road running, and Haliburton has a lot of single-track which I find particularly hard to resist!

I've also been flirting with the idea of moving up to the 50 miler, but with the chance to crew for Derrick's 100 miler when I'm done my race, I'm more than happy (relieved even?) to put that off for another day. I need to be 100% mentally 'there' to do a 50 miler, and am still not quite at that point. I'll know when I'm feeling it, and look forward to it eventually happening. After Haliburton we'll see how we both feel about what races we want to do for the rest of the year and into 2010.

Sydenham Fall Trail Run

We're getting ready for the 5th annual Sydenham Fall Trail race on October 18th. Derrick has been working hard to make it the best year ever, and with the support of generous sponsors we know it will be a fun time.

Banff National Park

From October 22 - 29 we're going to go play in the Rockies! I have a work conference in Banff for a few days, and we're tacking on some holiday to get in some amazing trail running and mountain gawking. We'll likely do a 2-3 day fastpack, as well as some shorter runs. I'm already jealous of the days that Derrick will be going without me while I'm working, but I'll probably be more tired out than him anyway. Looking forward to seeing some friends in the area too! Can't wait!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Week of Aug 10 - 16

M - 42' in storm
T - am 53'; pm 21' barefoot + yoga
W - 48'
T - am 30'; pm 45' + flexi
F - 20' after dark in the cool field
S - 20'
S - 21' + yoga

Total: 5:00

A hot week for running. I found a million reasons and excuses to take an unplanned recovery break through the weekend. Enjoying yoga so much. Feet were sore from it after tuesday, but just fine yesterday.

Had a nice lunch with David and Kim yesterday, after their trail run in Frontenac Park. Thanks for meeting us, guys!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weeks from July 27 to Aug 9

Week of Jul 27 - Aug 2

M - 60'
T - am 61'; pm 45'
W - 51'
T - am 40'; pm 30'
F - off
S - 56' Whiteface Trail
S - Long hike to Avalanche Pass

Total: 5:43

Late in the week traded humidity and deer flies of Ontario for Adirondacks.

Week of Aug 3 - 9

M - am Catamount Mt; pm 64' South Meadow - Truck Rd - Marcy Dam - Heart Lake, tempo-ish effort
T - 20' back in Ontario thick air
W - 2:05 steady. Less humid. Good run even though I bonked at end. Totally knew I would and didn't care.
T - am 90' yoga; pm 45'
F - am 44'; pm 20' barefoot
S - 2:00 felt great, solid pace
S - 2:42 easy, needed more food before going out

Total 10:00

Feeling back in the groove. Loving the 2 hour runs at faster than my usual long run pace.