Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Summerstown Forest Snowshoe Race

My first race of 2013 was the 7.5km Summerstown Forest Snowshoe Race held near Cornwall, Ontario on Saturday. It was a very warm day, but there was plenty of snow on the wooded trails to accommodate the race.

The first quarter of the race was fairly flat and meandering through a nice wooded area, and then the middle part of the course wound through a hilly forest with deep and tough snow conditions before ending with a flatter section again. It was a beautiful trail system, which always makes a race more enjoyable.

I felt fairly decent throughout the race, and it was good to be back on snowshoes for a race. Short races like this are a much higher intensity than ultras, and it is fun to change it up.

The women's race was dominated by Natasha Elliot, who finished in 44:43. I was second in 52:07, and Lynn Giroux was third in 55:02.

Full Report and Results.

Photo: Erika Glasberg, Cornwall Standard Freeholder

The next race in the series is Frontenac Park this Saturday the 19th. The entire series is listed here.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shift to a new year

The new year always brings about a welcome fresh start. Holidays this year were spent with as much family time as possible. There were some poignant reminders of how fleeting and finite life is, which have shifted my priorities and perspectives. Each day is precious, and living much more in appreciation of that fact is my intention for 2013 and beyond.

We have been enjoying a lot of snow this winter so far. Snowshoe running is the main way we enjoy that, but I've also dusted off the cross country skis (which didn't get used at all last year). I'm not a great skier, but it always makes me smile, so it's worth doing more of right there.

I'm excited to be on the La Sportiva team for 2013, and am fired up to train and race. Last year's season was just winding down when I started to find my groove, so I'm happy to have some races coming up fast.

Snowshoe racing starts next weekend at the brand new Summerstown Forest Snowshoe Race, which will be my first race of 2013. I'm looking forward to fitting in as many snowshoe races as I can, and then ramping up for the Bear Mountain 50 Miler this spring. After missing it last year I'm looking forward to it even more.

Meela frolicking on the snowshoe trails.

That dot in the sky is an owl I heard screeching.
Piling up.

Winter? No thanks... Mali prefers to lounge by the fire.