Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Back to Batawa

A few weeks ago I ran the 25k race at Batawa for the third time. This year they added a Bad Ass 6 Hour race to the mix of other Fat Ass distances, which was somewhat tempting. Maybe next year.

As usual I really enjoyed the trails in this area, and the event ran extremely smoothly this year despite a huge crowd showing up for the various distances. Well done to Sandy Musson of Tri and Run Sports. Thanks to all of the organizers and volunteers.

My race was fairly uneventful. Remembering last year's painful experience of starting way too hard, I kept it mellow and ran by heart rate. The trails were a quite wet on the back loop which made for some fun negotiating of deep puddles and slick mud. My C-Lites were great in the mud as usual and my feet were happy the whole time.

It was my slowest time here which was a bit disappointing considering I ran it smarter, but it wasn't by much and I wasn't too far off the two women who finished ahead of me. Plus it was a good stamina-building session as always. All good, and by running it at a better effort throughout I wasn't very sore or beat up. Part of that is that I added back plyometric training into my routine the past few months. It doesn't take much to be a big help, and I definitely felt the difference on the five big climbs and descents on this course.

Past years' race reports here (2013) and here (2012).

Same-same. Left is this year, right is last year.

On another note, I can't get the pictures from the last two days of our Provincial Parks tour because my camera died. If I ever retrieve them I'll post them. As a replacement camera, I recently inherited Derrick's hand-me-down iPhone so I opened an instagram account: instagram.com/saramontgo