Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week of Jun 22 - 28

M - 60'
T - am 16' + yoga; pm 60'
W - 60'
T - off
F - 41'
S - am 30' FF; pm 60' ladder 1,2,3,3,2,1 found the heat really tough and felt a bit blah. Fun running warmup with D and H while B biked along.
S - off, feeling off and tired.

Total 5:27

Not sure what distance to race this coming weekend. Options are 25k/50k/80k. Or 0 k I suppose. (Hey, why does zero k look like "ok"? That's not the option I'm "ok" with.) Brain is saying 25k. Soul is saying loooonger. Heart/lungs are saying they are game. Legs aren't so sure.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Week of Jun 15 - 21

M - 60' with 6 strides on grass
T - am 21' FF before yoga; pm 50'
W - 20' FF
T - am 20' Tindall Track easy in the rain; pm 80' Richardson Track - 8x400m with 400m jog (with D pacing me - thanks!):
F - 20' FF + strength & flexi
S - 2:32 Escarpment, Gould Lake Rd, Mine Loop, Wagon/TomDixon and back. Easy, felt good except tough on steep hills. Light rain made for a nice muddy anniversary trail run! Legs had much better range of motion, and not sore.
S - am 20' FF; pm 74' Napanee Track - 12x200m w/200m jog:

Total: 8:37

Three different tracks this week! The fancy new Tindall is only 400 yards. Too bad. Nice to have just steps from my desk though. Great surface and infield. Workouts this week felt great. Experimented with taking a longer recovery than I usually do to change things up.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Week of Jun 8 - 14

M - 58'
T - 62' Workout on Cat Trail:
1 mile 7:07, 2' jog,
1 km 4:29, 2' jog,
1 km 4:18
Felt horrible. Max HR 179.
W - 25' FF before yoga
T - am 35' Tindall Track; pm 20' FF home
F - 90' Workout on Cat Trail:
2 km @ 4:53/km, 5' jog
1 km 4:33, 2' jog,
1 km 4:23, 2' jog,
0.56 km 4:37/km
Worse than horrible. I had thought of 4-5xkm reps, but bailed in the third. Thought I was going to die. This will get better, right? Max HR 174.
S - 30' FF home
S - 2:44 Fr Park - nice run on north side of Big Salmon. Not much fuel req'd, had just eaten lunch.

Total 8:04

I used Derrick's Forerunner 405 for both workouts this week and was ready to toss the thing. "Simply tap the touch bezel to change screens without fumbling for a button." That sounds great, but for the life of me I can't operate the bezel thingy. (Too bad cursing at it didn't change the screen, I'd be good to go. As it is, I'd vastly prefer buttons.) Looking forward to next time.........on the track.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ultra Running Guy

Once in awhile a new blog comes along that just speaks to you; it's like it is written just for you. You can relate to it on so many levels, like you're the Super Hero in your very own comic strip. I think Derrick can probably relate to this one.

That URG seems soooo familiar!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Week of Jun 1 - 7

M - 20'
T - am yoga; pm 20' FF
W - 63' 11.3 km hilly loop
T - 38'
F - 20' FF
S - 120' Frontenac Park - Slide Lake blue loop clock-wise from Perth Rd. Very fun, so many fallen logs to hurdle. Yay!! Took 2 gels and tried Nuun. Lots of deer flies on west Slide. As usual, I was Derrick's best bug repellent. Great to be back out there.
S - 25' FF/barefoot on D's newly manicured trail

Total 5:06

Lots of planks and Myrtl, etc. after runs. Range of motion improving. Ready to start ramping up a bit more this coming week.

Star article wasn't in on Saturday. I'll update when I know the date.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Since Saturday I've done a few short barefoot and Five Finger runs, some paddling, a bike ride, yoga, and started my new strength and flexibility work. It feels weird to not be running more, but I'm looking forward to building into a new program that includes some of this other stuff.

Yoga in the park with Katie was great - thank you Karen for inviting me, and Katie for a great class! (Dylan Wykes was in the class, how's that for a good endorsement of yoga for runners!) Karen and I did a bit of barefoot in the grass after, and then hit the high bars. Eliza, how are your chin-ups coming along? Karen is better at them than I am after months of me working at them!

I've been doing planks like Eliza, David and Debbie all suggested, plus some other exercises David and Kimberley gave me. Planks are amazing, I can see why those guys were all raving about them. Thanks for enlightening me!

I also really love this strength stuff that Running Times is putting up.

Here is a handy pdf of the Myrtl Routine they do, which is amazing. Should help the log hurdling.

Check out the Toronto Star this Saturday (June 6) for a trail running article that Derrick was interviewed for.