Monday, June 22, 2009

Week of Jun 15 - 21

M - 60' with 6 strides on grass
T - am 21' FF before yoga; pm 50'
W - 20' FF
T - am 20' Tindall Track easy in the rain; pm 80' Richardson Track - 8x400m with 400m jog (with D pacing me - thanks!):
F - 20' FF + strength & flexi
S - 2:32 Escarpment, Gould Lake Rd, Mine Loop, Wagon/TomDixon and back. Easy, felt good except tough on steep hills. Light rain made for a nice muddy anniversary trail run! Legs had much better range of motion, and not sore.
S - am 20' FF; pm 74' Napanee Track - 12x200m w/200m jog:

Total: 8:37

Three different tracks this week! The fancy new Tindall is only 400 yards. Too bad. Nice to have just steps from my desk though. Great surface and infield. Workouts this week felt great. Experimented with taking a longer recovery than I usually do to change things up.


Derrick said...

Nice week! Seems like you're having fun working on your legspeed. I've enjoyed tagging along to the track with you.

Aaron said...

Awesome week Sara! Looks like everything is coming around! Make sure you guys set some time aside to make it to Merrickville!

EJ said...

Hey Sara,
Those track sessions sure look like fun. I was envisioning running them with you as I was reading(with out the pain or sweat of course). Derrick has me doing all of 3 repeats this week so your 9 and 12 are something I can only dream of. My knee is getting better slower then we had hoped but it is coming. I did do 4 pull-ups though so that is the only thing keeping my spirits up. Thanks again for running those intervals for me.

Sara said...

Hey EJ, It's hard to hold back, but very wise. You certainly don't want a setback at this point, and your patience will pay off when you're back in full swing very soon. :)

In the meantime....WOW on the pullups! That is truly impressive. Nice to have a little side project like that to focus on, and you'll come back stronger for it (talk about core strength and upper body power!).

Happy belated birthday too - hope you had a good one!!!

Aaron said...


Derrick said I should get your perspective on the Marlborough Forest Trails ( they are about a ten minute drive from my place)


Sara said...

Ohhhh, the dangers that lurks in the shadows of the Marlborough Forest!! Take care in there, Aaron.

Aaron said...

Well I hit Marlborough today...really nice and will be beautiful in the fall, however today the deer flies were just brutal! Swallowed one so I have bought bounce sheets and deep woods off!

Sara said...

Yes, I do remember there being a deer fly or several million in there! Every one of them took a chunk out of me too!