Monday, June 15, 2009

Week of Jun 8 - 14

M - 58'
T - 62' Workout on Cat Trail:
1 mile 7:07, 2' jog,
1 km 4:29, 2' jog,
1 km 4:18
Felt horrible. Max HR 179.
W - 25' FF before yoga
T - am 35' Tindall Track; pm 20' FF home
F - 90' Workout on Cat Trail:
2 km @ 4:53/km, 5' jog
1 km 4:33, 2' jog,
1 km 4:23, 2' jog,
0.56 km 4:37/km
Worse than horrible. I had thought of 4-5xkm reps, but bailed in the third. Thought I was going to die. This will get better, right? Max HR 174.
S - 30' FF home
S - 2:44 Fr Park - nice run on north side of Big Salmon. Not much fuel req'd, had just eaten lunch.

Total 8:04

I used Derrick's Forerunner 405 for both workouts this week and was ready to toss the thing. "Simply tap the touch bezel to change screens without fumbling for a button." That sounds great, but for the life of me I can't operate the bezel thingy. (Too bad cursing at it didn't change the screen, I'd be good to go. As it is, I'd vastly prefer buttons.) Looking forward to next time.........on the track.


EJ said...

Looks like someone may be training for the Limestone Mile or perhaps going for that sub-20 min. 5km. Great Job on those fast ones.

As for whether it will get better. I find I get faster but it never gets easier.

The buttons on my Garmin Foreuner201 drive me crazy sometimes. Especially when I am trying to press them with big mitts on.

Sara said...

It always hurts, yes indeed. A bit less once the rust comes off I'm hoping.

Hmm, I wonder how the bezel thingy would work with gloves on.

EJ said...

Yes, a little oil on the joints should help, like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. Although you look more like Dorothy.

Sara said...

Whenever I eat greasy food I say it is for my joints. :)

How are you feeling? Back at it?

EJ said...

Back at it finally! Yeh! The time off did me good as I am refreshed and looking to knock some rust off as well. Mind you some of that rust has been there for sometime now...about 25 years or so.

As for the hurting part of it. I have come to the conclusion that you don't have to make it hurt alot everytime. I am going to start saving up my hurting times for those special few workouts. Smooth, relaxed, hard running is what I am working on now.

Sara said...

Sounds like a great plan. So happy to hear you're back!

David said...

As EJ said - No it won't get easier, you'll just get faster.

Looks to me like you are doing your repeats too fast. If you can't finish them then...

Next time aim for 4:40-45/km and progress to the 4:30. Plus 4:29->4:18 and 4:33-4:23 is a big jump, but might have been the terrain. Just back off the pace a bit.

Still a darn respectable week. I have heard that about the 405's, takes a little getting use to. Look at the different display options. One of my fav's for repeats is current lap pace, allows you to nail it pretty good.

Sara said...

Thanks David. Yeah, it was the terrain (slight up/down). Next time will be on the track, so should be better in every way. Third workout stuff usually starts to feel smoother.