Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ultra Running Guy

Once in awhile a new blog comes along that just speaks to you; it's like it is written just for you. You can relate to it on so many levels, like you're the Super Hero in your very own comic strip. I think Derrick can probably relate to this one.

That URG seems soooo familiar!!


David said...

and I thought Derrick just ran in bare feet all the time. Super-D needs shoes? ;)

Too funny, but I am sure each pair of shoes has it's purpose and he would be lost and unable to run without them.

Sara said...

Yes, URG loves his pile-o-shoes! :)

EJ said...

I don't shop much but if I do it is probably for running shoes. I just like to look at them. Once I am finished running in them they are retired to the back of my closet so I can visit them on occasion. These are ones stinking up my closet as I speak.