Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week of Jun 22 - 28

M - 60'
T - am 16' + yoga; pm 60'
W - 60'
T - off
F - 41'
S - am 30' FF; pm 60' ladder 1,2,3,3,2,1 found the heat really tough and felt a bit blah. Fun running warmup with D and H while B biked along.
S - off, feeling off and tired.

Total 5:27

Not sure what distance to race this coming weekend. Options are 25k/50k/80k. Or 0 k I suppose. (Hey, why does zero k look like "ok"? That's not the option I'm "ok" with.) Brain is saying 25k. Soul is saying loooonger. Heart/lungs are saying they are game. Legs aren't so sure.


Aaron said...

Good Luck Sara with what ever you choose!!!!!

EJ said...

...and have Fun Sara with what ever you choose!!!!

Hope it is not too HOT!

David said...

If you run 50k you can plod along and have a nice steady run. If you choose the 25k then that is hard racing distance, fast and it has to hurt. So what da ya feel like? ;)

Seriously - you'll have a blast whatever you do, looks like it won't be too hot. Enjoy.

Sara said...

Thanks you guys. David, I think you're right and I'm signing up for the 50k. Hope your foot starts to feel better soon.

EJ said...

A HUGE CONGRATS to SARA & DERRICK. 4th in your 50km is AMAZING Sara and you can't do better then 1st can you Derrick. Can't wait to hear the all the MUDDY details.

Sara said...

Thanks, Eliza. Mud was the word, it was endless and so deep! It was soooo much fun though, I totally loved it. More details later.