Monday, June 8, 2009

Week of Jun 1 - 7

M - 20'
T - am yoga; pm 20' FF
W - 63' 11.3 km hilly loop
T - 38'
F - 20' FF
S - 120' Frontenac Park - Slide Lake blue loop clock-wise from Perth Rd. Very fun, so many fallen logs to hurdle. Yay!! Took 2 gels and tried Nuun. Lots of deer flies on west Slide. As usual, I was Derrick's best bug repellent. Great to be back out there.
S - 25' FF/barefoot on D's newly manicured trail

Total 5:06

Lots of planks and Myrtl, etc. after runs. Range of motion improving. Ready to start ramping up a bit more this coming week.

Star article wasn't in on Saturday. I'll update when I know the date.


EJ said...

re: manicured trails
A-ha, so trail runners are into manicures...on their trails not their nails that is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara -
Well I'm thinking that Spafford blood must just not be all that tasty. There were a few mosquitoes at Manning and, like always, they headed straight for Jack. The only time they bothered me was when I was right beside him!

Derrick said...

Bugs??? I didn't see no stinkin' bugs.

David said...

nice little come back week. good to see you back on the trails being a good bug repellent. Maybe Derrick just needs to shower a bit more often.
Keep up the core and hips.

Aaron said...


Glad to see you are feeling better! I feel your pain about the deer flies..they leave Maraget alone while feasting on me!