Friday, October 21, 2016

Trail Trek for Judy

From Oct 16-18 I ran my Trail Trek for Judy version of the Frontenac Challenge, and am very grateful to everyone who has donated to Myeloma Canada and helped me surpass my fundraising goal. 

I put together this short video to show a bit of how it went out there. I hope you enjoy it! 

If anyone is interested in the maps and data, here are the Movescount links to each day. 

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

For more information:
CanadaHelps page

Donation window is open until November 30th. Thank you to everyone for your generous support!


Buttons Thoughts said...

LOVE LOVE the video Sara I could feel the love of your Mom and beautiful nature with every step that hit the ground. You are awesome and your Mom would be so proud of you. I am. HUGS B

BarbC said...

Wonderful video - I'm in tears.
Congratulations, Barb

Buttons Thoughts said...

By the way I had tears through most of this video knowing why you did this. Hugs hugs B

Corey said...

Great Video report, thanks Sara!

Sara Montgomery said...

Thanks to you all, I really appreciate your words.

Theresa williams said...
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