Monday, August 24, 2009

Week of Aug 17 - 23

M - 60' started at 8pm when it cooled down a bit. Finished up at house with some laps with Siku then a lap with Neeka and Mali.
T - 60' Cat W
W - am 30' Rideau Tr with Ro&Ro; pm 70' Cat E + Wallace Rd with 30' tempo (start on Cat then long uphill). Cooldown at home with Siku and Jesse. Nice to see the stars again this week.
T - 60' Stuffed from work potluck and really hot and muggy. Blech.
F - am 60' ridiculously muggy. Radar showed it was raining but it wasn't, grrr; pm 46' Cat W, felt good then crashed. Had two naps after and then right through the night too. Zapped.
S - am 40' Cat W, felt ok; pm 20' house trail barefoot + 90' yoga
S - 4:38 Fr Park North Perimeter. Felt great in first half and had a nice swim at Birch Lake at around 3 hours to cool off. Felt great until about 3:20, then horrible. Crawled in 27' slower than last time I did this loop. Derrick went ahead at 3:30 and checked back with me as I was finishing up and he was going back out to add on. I ate and napped in the car, happy to be done. Not sure why I crashed so hard, but think it was too much Nuun (I drank a bottle of it, and then when I refilled my pack I added a tablet to the bladder too...should have left it), which in turn made me not eat enough. Temps were reasonable compared to what they have been, and no deerflies until the very end. Trails in great shape. Tons of people out, good to see the park being used. Almost every group had a dog. Lucky pups.

Total: 12:04. Good week of training. Haven't been over 12 since April, but with so many singles it didn't seem like that much mentally, though I was certainly tired. Humidity is brutal, looking forward to crisper days now hopefully. Hip/glute/hammie improving, really noticed at 2:15 into long run they weren't sore at all. I think yoga is helping.


David said...

Great week. 90' of Yoga. Wow, you must be getting strong. I have just about had it with the heat & humidity, sure looking forward to it cooling off this week. Glad to hear the deerflies are going away. Mosquitoes around here are still terrible.
Enjoy the lead up to Haliburton.

Kimberley said...

Holy huge week Sara! Well done. Too bad about the crash, but that was a very, very long run and the weather has added a lot to the zapping of energy. Hi to Derrick! :)

Sara said...

Thanks you guys. :)

Derrick said...

David and Kimberley,
Guess you were a week too early to miss the deerflies. Couldn't believe how few there were.

Aaron said...


I was happy to hear that you are running in Haliburton! If you have time between finishing and crewing for Derrick make sure you check on me!!!

EJ said...

Sounds like the humidity has been bad back home as well. Not what I wanted to hear mind you.
Glad that your LSY's are helping.

EJ said...

do you have a yoga belt for stretching. I just love mine.

Sara said...

EJ, I don't think I 'speak yoga', ha ha...LSY? Yoga belt?

EJ said...

LSY is(Long Slow Yoga) just a play on LSR(Long Slow Run).
A yoga belt is a 5 ft. plus belt. You can put your foot in the loop and while holding the end of the belt you hold your limbs in various stretching positions. Almost as though the belt is another person pulling/holding and stretching you in ways you could not acomplish yourself. Think of it as a stretching partner. There are 5 stretches I use it for on a regular basis.

Sara said...

Ah, gotcha! Thanks for that. Yeah, we have some medical tubing for stretching; same idea I think. I was picturing the wrong kind of 'belt', as in something you wear.