Monday, August 17, 2009

Week of Aug 10 - 16

M - 42' in storm
T - am 53'; pm 21' barefoot + yoga
W - 48'
T - am 30'; pm 45' + flexi
F - 20' after dark in the cool field
S - 20'
S - 21' + yoga

Total: 5:00

A hot week for running. I found a million reasons and excuses to take an unplanned recovery break through the weekend. Enjoying yoga so much. Feet were sore from it after tuesday, but just fine yesterday.

Had a nice lunch with David and Kim yesterday, after their trail run in Frontenac Park. Thanks for meeting us, guys!


David said...

It was a stupid hot week, good plan taking it as a recovery/step back. Thanks to you and Derrick for meeting us, we sure need that coffee and fuel (food) to get us home. Don't forget, vacuuming is URG approved cross training

EJ said...

Hi Sara,
Are you taking yoga in a class or doing it at home. I enjoy getting out to a core class weekly as it is fun to exercise with others when I usually run alone.

BTW, I believe I have a tempo vacumming workout scheduled for Thursday.

Sara said...

Our new vacuum rocks! But I'm sure the thrill will be over soon. ;)

David, I had a flashback to 2007 Haliburton...YOU were the nice person who gave me (badly needed) Advil when I finished!

EJ, I did a class this summer, but now I'm doing a DVD. Enjoy your thursday tempo!

Kimberley said...

Thanks again for lunch Sara & Derrick! We really enjoyed sharing a post run break with you guys. :)