Thursday, August 27, 2009

Book Shelf

I just read two books with similar themes - people who find themselves despairing over modern life so they pack it all up and move to the wilderness - they both end up along the Yukon River, one in the Yukon Territory and one in Alaska's interior.

I recommend both books to anyone who can relate to their desire. (Be warned though, they don't make coming into the office any easier.)

The titles are Up the Yukon Without A Paddle by Dorian Amos, and Call of the Wild by Guy Grieve. (Another excellent one is Chris Czajkowski's Diary of a Wilderness Dweller.)

Here is a short interview with Grieve:



Kea said...

Especially when the office is a small cube farm, no doubt!

David said...

But it also is not as easy at it seems, well if all you have is a gun, a fishing pole, and a camera. :)

Check out Ed Wardle.

Sara said...

Not even remotely easy; a big price to pay - in the discomfort, hard work, danger, etc. of learning a completely different lifestyle.