Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ready (or Not) for Haliburton

The taper must be working; everything is starting to hurt and I feel like crud. I meant to bring vitamin C, echinacea, and a lacrosse ball to work today, but ended up forgetting all three. Lacrosse ball? My back is riddled with knots, and when lifting some things on Sunday (with all that extra taper time we've been doing some stuff around the house) it totally spazzed out on me. So I've been rolling my back over the ball to release the knots. I feel like my dog scratching her back in the grass, (but in slow motion, and without all the kicking, plus she makes really psycho noises). Anyway, it's painful but effective. Econo-Massage.

I think my back woes might be from adding in more yoga, and doing a few things I'm probably not ready for. I've fallen into that trap of TWBEWIWY! (This woulda been easy when I was younga!) Eventually it will get used to it and be in a better place. I have sympathy for those trying to patiently work past the aching joints (typically knees)* of starting a running program after years of not doing it. (*Not to be confused with people telling me it's bad for MY knees.)

I'm looking forward to Haliburton this weekend, even though I have no idea what to expect. August was tough training-wise with nasty heat and humidity, and the last few weeks I've done very little. Hopefully enough to not lose fitness, but nothing to gain either. I felt fitter going in last year, but then a bit off on race day, so I'm going to try to flip that around this year by going in well rested. My confidence is a bit lowish in terms of racing, but as far as going up to the beautiful forest and hanging out with a bunch of cool people, enjoying the trails, and the excitement of crewing for Derrick's 100, I couldn't be more ready.

As usual, thick crowds of deer will be lining the trails to wildly cheer us on. In some places they are six deep and the noise is deafening!

Photo from - Haliburton '04.


Keith Iskiw said...
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Keith Iskiw said...

I think we all feel a little undertrained this year. I was up early yesterday because I felt like I couldn't do this race. Thats why I wrote my post, sometimes its very cathartic to just get it out and move on. I think you'll do great and we can't wait to see you both in action on saturday!

EJ said...

Sara that picture of all the deer is frightening me. Watch out for the fawns. I hope all of your hard earned fitness kicks in when you need it most. Also I know it sounds silly and not worth mentioning but try to smile(or at least not grimace) when you see a photog as you tend to complain about your pics after and how good Derrick looks and how bad you look. Just think "Photog is my friend:)". Have FUN!!

Sara said...

Keith - I agree, it is cathartic to get out the cobwebs. Moving on now. It must be quite a head trip going into a 100.

EJ - Re Fawns: Yes, dangerous little gawkables....How's your knee?
Re cameras: Yes, okay, I'll try. :) :) Maybe I'll wear a hat and hide under the peak.

Derrick said...

I agree!....Though I didn't know there were cats or cobwebs in the arctic?? Who knew?

Sara said...

Polar Cats and Polar Spiders are both now extinct. Come on, everyone knows that.

I think we're going taper crazy.

David said...

You're ready and the race day will be perfect.

Last year when I started to be honest it was the last place I wanted to be. I just did not feel like running, so to kick myself I started hard, and that helped to get the blood flowing - from there it was cruise control, let the body take over.

See ya Saturday - Did Derrick tell you we have Zucchini loaf - or was he trying to hog it all for himself? (:

Let us know if you need us to bring anything.

Sara said...

Really you were feeling like that?? You ended up having such a great race. That's quite inspiring.

I heard about the Z-Loaf! Yummy!!

David said...

Good Luck and Safe travels - Bring home another win

Kimberley said...

I hope the knots in your back are subsiding Sara and if not, that they will very, very SOON! I'm really excited about tomorrow. You're going to be amazing girl. As said before, it's an honour to be there with you two. Please, please, please let us know if there is anything that we can bring to help.
Hugs & Healing wishes,
Kim :)