Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall Running Plans

Haliburton Forest

I decided to sign up for the Haliburton 50k again this year, which is September 12th. This will be my 4th time running this 50k, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful trails and great atmosphere again. I really thought I was going to prioritize a fall marathon this year, but I simply enjoy trail running about a million times more than road running, and Haliburton has a lot of single-track which I find particularly hard to resist!

I've also been flirting with the idea of moving up to the 50 miler, but with the chance to crew for Derrick's 100 miler when I'm done my race, I'm more than happy (relieved even?) to put that off for another day. I need to be 100% mentally 'there' to do a 50 miler, and am still not quite at that point. I'll know when I'm feeling it, and look forward to it eventually happening. After Haliburton we'll see how we both feel about what races we want to do for the rest of the year and into 2010.

Sydenham Fall Trail Run

We're getting ready for the 5th annual Sydenham Fall Trail race on October 18th. Derrick has been working hard to make it the best year ever, and with the support of generous sponsors we know it will be a fun time.

Banff National Park

From October 22 - 29 we're going to go play in the Rockies! I have a work conference in Banff for a few days, and we're tacking on some holiday to get in some amazing trail running and mountain gawking. We'll likely do a 2-3 day fastpack, as well as some shorter runs. I'm already jealous of the days that Derrick will be going without me while I'm working, but I'll probably be more tired out than him anyway. Looking forward to seeing some friends in the area too! Can't wait!


David said...

I'll keep an eye on your 50 miler plans. Maybe, depending on Birthday Celebrations next year, I'll join you for the run.

Already signed up for Sydenham, wouldn't miss it - new shirts

Banff will be amazing. Hope the snow holds off.

EJ said...

Have you been practicing your Crewing Drills(especially the butt kicking one)?

Reread the title "URGal's Crewing Drills" and loose the spaces. Completely by accident, I swear.

I better sign up for Sydenham. Is it filling up?

I thought it said 50 smiler:)

Sara said...

Yes, I've been practicing! (I must be dense but I don't get the spaces thing?)

You're okay for Sydenham I think. Filling nicely though. Should be fun!

50 Smiler, I'm totally stealing that. :)

Sara said...

David, Are you really considering a 50 Smiler for next year?

David said...

50 SMiler? Yes!! I would have done one this year - wanted to do JFK but didn't think I could recover enough for R&I so put it on hold, so next year for sure.

I was thinking doing JFK after NYC Marathon (pacing Kim through it - good training run), but Haliburton might also work. We are hoping to do a 10 day sailing trip in Greece next year (end of August/Early September)for my, gulp, 50th Birthday, just haven't worked the dates yet.

Sara said...

Well, whatever one you choose, a 50 Smiler for the year you turn 50 is a perfect idea. Nice sounding trip too!

David said...

Greek Islands Sailing Adventure Santorini to Santorini

Sara said...

That looks rough, I feel bad for you guys!! ;) Kidding of course, it looks heavenly.

Derrick said...

Should be a fun fall indeed. Can't wait for Banff!

Anonymous said...

OK, I have to know ... what trail are you looking at for your Banff fastpack? There would be so many great choices. I don't know the area that well but have the book Classic Hikes in the Canadian Rockies by Graeme Pole that gives pretty good trail descriptions.

Sara said...

Hey Debbie. That's a very good question! We've only just barely looked and are already overwhelmed by the choices! Not a bad problem to have I guess. I've been meaning to order a guide book and some maps. Will do that today. A lot of the options are point-to-point, so not sure how we'd manage that.
You must be getting excited for your trip!! 1 week!!