Friday, May 29, 2009

Donut Week

I'm enjoying a week of No Running more than I would have expected. It's my "donut week" because my log is full of "0"s, not because I've been eating donuts. I've actually been eating well, lots of raw veggies. I feel my body healing more each day. It needed this. I'll do a few light runs next week, but won't start training again until I feel ready.

Why did it take me so long to give in to some extended recovery? I thought I was good at giving my body rest at times it might benefit from it more than work, but I guess I wasn't seeing it beyond the micro scale of days and weeks. I haven't had an extended period of sickness or injury in a long time, which is very fortunate, but that means I haven't given my body a really good break in all that time either.

Last week's race attempt snapped me out of my routine and mindset. The first couple of days felt a bit odd, but now I feel liberated from the 'need' to run, and am getting back to the 'want' to run.

This is my favourite poem, it pretty much sums up my philosophy on life (and on running).

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David said...

I know one day, my day will come too, that I will just need to hang up the shoes for a while. It almost did a few weeks ago, but a whiny blog post and some great support got me through it. But then it was more mental than physical.

Enjoy the O's or is that 0's, and when you start back it is because ALL of you want to.