Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week of May 11 - 17

M - off
T - 23' barefoot
W - 51'
T - off
F - 64' J&J trails night before 5 Peaks. Really wish I could race this course!
S - off - Busy day with 5 Peaks. Thunderstorm made things messy. Timer guy showing up an hour and 45 minutes late made things tricky. D had just started giving out backup bibs for manual timing when he finally arrived. Ugh. (An analogy might be like having the caterer not show up to your wedding and you're just about to order pizza.)
S - 36'

Total 2:54

Recovery week. I think I needed it mentally even more than physically. Really needing to switch gears and change up my training.

Here's Siku. I took her asparagus hunting with me yesterday and then she came to Heather's soccer game with us later, so along with her regular daily plays with the rest of the dogs I'm sure she slept well last night.



Aaron said...

Hi Sara

Still disapointed I didnt suck it up and come out! I have had more days off then I would like this week but hoping to get back into the swing of things. I laughed at your anaolgy(sp)!!!! Hope you find a new groove!!!

Sara said...

We all missed you, Aaron, but you made the right decision to let yourself get better. Next year you'll just have to have twice the fun to make up for it!

David said...

Nice to take a "mental" week. Thanks for all you did for the race - quite the commitment....but it was fun to race :)
Hmmmm - I have never hunted asparagus before, are they sneaky?
Let me know if you have any questions about the exercises, and remember side planks you can still hold the drink.
Have a great week.
Kim and I may venture down your way one Saturday for a little jog if you are up for a visit. Will let you know.

Sara said...

Yes, asparagus can be very sneaky with their green camouflage. I should have brought Mali Hound to help sniff them out.

Side planks can easily transition into a nap too I bet?

Sounds good re one Saturday.

Derrick said...

Mali the hound would only sniff them out if a cheeseburger was somehow attached to it;)

Sara said...

True. Or a pork chop.

Eliza said...

Yes Sara your analogy made me giggle also(although I don't remember seeing you laughing at the time). It reminds me of when my dog ate our wedding cake during the ceremony. Kinda like the timer guy showing up on time but leaving before the racers came in.

Rhiannon and Brandy really enjoyed the kids race Saturday. Thanks to you and Derrick for organaizing that and making it so much fun for them.

Sara said...

Eliza, It was great to see you and the girls on Saturday! You'll have to tell me more of the dog and wedding cake story next time I see you!