Monday, May 11, 2009

Week of May 4 - 10

M - am 42' (chinups, triceps); pm 48'
T - am 68'; pm 75' (20' tempo, 5'jog, 5x[2'hard, 1'easy])
W - early am 80'
T - am 60' (trdmill - 5'each @ 6,8,10deg, 90"jog, 5' @ 10deg, 2x[1'each@8,9,10,11,12deg] + chinups); pm 50'
F - am 65'; pm 30' Five Fingers (pushups, triceps)
S - 60'
S - 3:15 Charleston Lake

Total: 12:53

A good week, but tired out for Sunday's long run. Just took it easy and took pictures along the way while Derrick went ahead. It was fun, and nice to enjoy the scenery as spring takes hold. Trilliums are at their peak. I found a rare and beautiful Clif Flower on the trail too, planted by Derrick where I couldn't miss it.


Kea said...

Wow, that Clif flower is impressive! :-)

Nice to see the trilliums too.

Eliza said...

Are you taking pictures at 5Peaks? I can take some mid course or start/finish if you require or desire. I love finding pictures of myself from race photos. Very narcissistic of me I know but I really appreciate the photo evidence of my efforts, the course, the people I may have ran with for miles and never actually saw except for the back of their head. (actually what I really wanted to ask was how many push-ups and chin-ups you can do but thought it might be rude. Karen is not budging either so perhaps it is rude to ask?)

Sara said...

Hi Eliza, I think there is a photographer coming to do race shots, but feel free to bring your camera too of course! I probably will as well, though my photos are never very good.

I typically do 3 sets of 10 pushups, and 3 sets of 2-3 chinups "as well as I can" - which usually isn't very impressive. I just do my best, and considering that 8 months ago I couldn't even *remotely* do one, it's progress.

Eliza said...

You've got me beat by double on the chin-ups and I have you beat by double on the push-ups. I think doing planks really helped my push-ups. I use to hate push-ups so much that no matter how hard any other workout was I would tell my self, "atleast you're not doing push-ups". Chin-ups are even worse. I am going to start working on my chin-ups tonight. Let's compare again in another 8 months.

Sara said...

I'm not a fan of push ups either. Planks really help them huh? Are they as boring as they look/seem? How long do you have to hold them?

Ha ha, 8 months, you're on! Though you might already have me beat if we factor into it the form we use. Mine is bad...still working on it.

Eliza said...

Boring!! How can you call balancing your body weight on your elbows boring? Start at 30 secs x2and work-up. Keep a flat back and pull belly button to ribcage to support core(you are now in push-up form using elbows and forarms for support rather then hands). For the most part I think that form comes with strength. I always have better form at the start and then it deteriorates which just means we are pushing ourselves which is GOOD.

Sara said...

No! Not boring at all! I will have to try them while drinking a margarita. ;) Then my form won't matter to me anyway.

Sara said...

I will try it Eliza (sans margarita). Thanks for the tip.

David said...

Hmmm - Planks are great, and don't forget the side planks, planks on a Stability Ball... likely the best core exercise, better than crunches..

Oh Yeah, running log :) Nice week, seems the doubles are building nicely. I'll have to check the trail you guys ran on Sunday, see if it's doable for us.

Kimber will have our Camera too @ 5Peaks, so we should have lots of shots from the day - we are huge picture freaks too. Our "race" pictures can be found here is you are interested

See you guys on Saturday.

Sara said...

David, Sorry but if you run that trail, I ate all the Clif Blok flowers.

Thanks for the link. Those are fun photos! See you on Sat!

Anonymous said...

Planks! The coaches at our gym have made it their mission to find as many different variations as possible. Here are the ones I can think of, although I'm not suggesting that I have ever personally done or want to do any of them myself. I think drinking a marguerita could work with all of the variations and could in fact improve form:

1. elbows on stability ball
2. hands on stability ball, straight arms
3. one-leg i.e. either #1 or 2 with one foot slightly off the floor
4. #1 or 2 with feet on something unstable i.e. bosu or balance board
5. hands on stability ball, straight arms, slowly move arms slightly forward and back
6. elbows on bosu
7. side plank with one elbow on bosu, legs stacked
8. plank on floor with alternate arm and leg raised ...

I'm sure I've missed several.


Sara said...

Hmm, interesting list! I like the idea of using the ball. (Might have to elevate the umbrella drink for those ones, but that's okay.)

I have been missing out on this world of planks! I tried one last night, but yesterday was a write-off no-energy day and I fell into a nap instead. I'll try again this week.

David said...

You just need a longer straw if you on the Ball:)

I like idea of the side planks on the Bosu Ball.

I did get to the point where I could do arms on one Stab ball and feet on another.

When you are tired planks end up just being a nap on the floor ;)