Thursday, May 7, 2009

Going for it

The three main races I chose for this year have something in common: They all scare me a bit, in a "I'm not sure I can do this" kind of way. I've missed that feeling of taking a risk with my race choices; it's been a few years since I've gone out of my comfort zone. I'm enjoying the motivation it is giving me to train. I love training, but it's more satisfying when it is fuelled by a specific purpose.

Rock and Ice is done, and although it definitely intimidated me, I also felt that it suited me rather well because it was somewhat similar to fastpacks we've done, plus my body deals better with cold than heat. Easy for me to say now that it's over.

With my first 50 miler, my worry is I'll be in a bad place by five hours in, with still such a long way to go. I don't want to do it if it's not mostly enjoyable, so the plan is to train hard and then go in well rested. The race I want to do - Finger Lakes Fifties - is in early July, so maybe I should find a back-up in case the temperature/humidity is extreme. Regular July weather is bad enough, I don't want to try it in a heat wave.

And finally, a fall marathon might just scare me the most because I have a specific time goal. So black-and-white and quantifiable those road races are. Heartless. Best to avoid really, and I'm sure I'll get back to that. At least it is really easy to find a back-up if it's too hot, with so many good fall marathons within an easy drive.

They're all just silly little fears. Definitely worth a few risks.


Derrick said...

Totally agree about having the purpose to train. Just love getting out there training each day, but nice to have the carrot to work towards.

Looking forward to seeing how your first 50miler goes. With the long days of Rock and Ice behind you, it will be much easier to get your head around than it would have been.

All fun!!!

We just need to get to Colorado now!

Sara said...

Yes, Rock and Ice was definitely helpful.

Colorado...bring it on!

David said...

Couldn't agree more with what you wrote. I always need that "carrot" as Derrick puts it. For me there has always been a race to train for.

I had thought of Finger Lakes, but true it can be hot, is there much tree coverage? July races can be brutal.

Road marathons are tough and I know you will be worrying, but trust in the training. The trail gives you so much endurance and strength, you'll be surprised. Stick with the PEC plan.

If you go to Colorado you'll never come back. We LOVED Utah so much, totally different world. Elevation is a Biatch.

Note to self - get out Fastpacking.

How many weeks till the 50 miler - Gulp!!! :)

Sara said...

8 weeks!! Gulp indeed.

I hope there's tree cover. I should check that too.