Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week of Apr 27 - May 3

M - am 57; pm 41
T - 65
W am 52 (6' tempo; 8 x 35-40 sec hills); pm 48 (15' FF)
T am 40; pm 43 (+strength)
F am 76 J&J trails before work; pm 30
S 62
S 3:43 Frontenac Slide Lake Loop from Arab Lake Lot (c-clockwise)
Total 12:17

Finally a good week. It was higher than I expected, but the main thing is I felt great. Five Fingers are awesome - same feel almost as barefoot, but no worries re stepping on anything sharp.

Slide Lake was a blast. We had so much fun and the weather was ideal. Downed six gels, a pack of Bloks and a bottle with Sustained/Gu2O mix. Plus lots of water of course. Feet and glutes a bit sore by the end, but not too bad. As much as I love the feel of Crosslites, Fireblades were perfect for me on this very rocky run. Those shoes have saved me so many times. There are countless beautiful views on this loop...Flagpole Hill, Devil's Gorge, nice waterfall between Buck and Slide Lakes, Mink Lake Lookout, endless lakes. Only saw one other person the entire time.

This coming week I'll get into the groove of workouts on tue/thur and a med-long run wednesdays before work. It feels really good to be enjoying training again.


Kea said...

What, no waterfall pics? Kidding!

Way to go, glad you had a fabulous week/weekend.

But *I* wanna be out there with my camera in hand.... :-)

Sara said...

I know, I kicked myself several times for not bringing the camera.

Derrick said...

Great week Sweetie!

So nice to be back in F.Park. Slide Lake was so beautiful that it took your mind off of how tough it is.

David said...

So only 6 weeks to recovery from R&I. That seems about right. Glad you have your legs back under you again. Good week.

Sara said...

Yeah, I'm okay with 6 weeks now that it's over. Makes sense for me. It was the wondering how long it was going to take that was the hard part.