Monday, April 27, 2009

Week of Apr 20 - 26

I really struggled this week, but near the end I think things started to improve. Probably the Frontenac run last Sunday was just too much.

M - off
T - 44
W - 60
T - 58
F - off
S - 35 + strength
S - 84
Total 4:41

Having some extra time, you think I'd at least clean the house or something.

UPDATE: In response to the comments on this post: Derrick wouldn't post a photo, but I will:

Thanks, Eliza. :)


Kea said...

FAR too many better things to do than clean house! It's not like the dirt will go anywhere. Besides, no one lies on their death bed...yadda yadda. :-D

Sara said...

Yes! And if the dirt does go anywhere, it always comes back! What's the point?!

eliza said...

My self talk today, "clean the house, take a nap, clean the house take a nap". The nap won. I saw a series of books at Chapters called "Porn for Women...". Lots of photos of men doing housework(vacumming, laundry, dusting etc.)with captions about how much they enjoy keeping a tidy house for their wives. Very HOT!!

Derrick said...

Whew!!!!!....I've spent all day cleaning the house, getting groceries and I would have done the ironing too....if we had one. photos will be posted however;)

Sara said...

Yay for the nap!

Toooo funny, y'all. :)

Derrick said...

I think I know of a couple of runners who must be fulling recovered and have waaaaay too much time on their hands. Now, go run!! :)

David said...

Take as long as you need to recover. Your earned all the naps, and having Derrick do the house work. Looking forward to a picture with him in his Maid Outfit with the feather duster.

Love the new picture.

Have a great week

Alaskan Assassin said...

Running saps up all my energy. I always have a list of things to do everyday but I never finish even half of it. I am just to tired.

Good thing you have someone that helps out with house.