Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain, Shine or Whine

We had a nice run at Frontenac Park on Sunday, doing Big Salmon Lake and Little Clear loops from the inner parking lot. I ended my run there too, and then drove to pick Derrick up at the Trail Centre after he added on another 15 minutes. The 2:45 loop was more than enough for me, as my hips and ankles got progressively sorer as the run went on, plus I totally ran out of energy. It’s amazing how long it can take to recover. Even though it was a tough run, it was nice to be out there in the woods, recharging mentally at least.

I’ve been taking an awful lot of days off lately, and I know I can use the extra recovery, but I’m starting to feel guilty about it. That’s probably a good sign, as my rule is if I feel guilt about skipping a run it is my gut telling me I’m fine to go. But yesterday my legs were sore, and I was tired, plus it just happened to be rainy and miserable, blah, blah, blah (whaa, whaa, whaa). Tonight I’m out there, rain, shine or whine.


Kea said...

I'd be "whining" too, especially if I had to slog through the mud and rain. Actually, I excel at whining. If you need pointers, feel free to ask. :-)

Aaron Anderson said...

You have earned the extra rest! I can't imagine how your legs felt because mine were crushed for a couple of days at 1/16 th the distance and conditions you were in!!!!!

Sara said...

Hey Aaron - yes but you were on a firmer surface, running up and down steep hills, and going at a faster pace! Sounds like a good recipe for crushed legs!

Hope you're enjoying your recovery!

Derrick said...

Luckily we got shine tonight, so no whine...from me.

Was nice on the trail.

Anonymous said...

Saaaaraaaaa-you've got it all wrong, "RAIN OR SHINE...WINE!!!"

Sara said...

I'd never whine about wine! :)

Evan said...

New to the blog.

I am in the same boat. Spring bring the mud up here as well.

I have also been taking a ton of time off and now just starting to get back into it. I think the time off has actually made me lazy.

"Rain or shine,or wine" That is hilarious!

David said...

A 2:45 loop is not a easy recovery run, but any run goes better with a little wine (and cheese).
I hope to be back on the trails this weekend, even for 20 minutes. I am tired of this road stuff. Looks like it will be nice and warm, maybe too hot to handle. :)