Monday, April 6, 2009

Recovery and Looking Ahead

I thought I'd be back training by now, at least ramping up a bit, but I've done practically nothing since Rock and Ice ended. On April 2nd I did a 20 minute run which felt kind of nice on the brain, but within an hour of finishing I had caught a cold. I took that as a clear message from my body that it needed more rest. I will do a few runs this week, and by next week I should be okay to gradually start training again.

Aside from just feeling run down with no energy, my body feels okay structurally. My toes and heels were mangled (very ugly) from the race, but are doing okay now (still ugly though).With all the downtime, I've thrown some energy into picking a few races for the rest of the year. Things may change depending on what Derrick decides to do in the short-term, but for now it looks like:

June 7 - Whiteface Uphill Foot Race - Something to focus a bit more hill work on. I get a lot out of the uphill tempos and need something to keep me at them. Looks like a fun race too, and a good excuse to get down the the 'dacks!

July 4 - Finger Lakes Fifties 50 Miler - My first 50 miler attempt. I'm nervous, but excited. This looks like a nice course, a low-hassle event, and isn't too far from home. Perfect!

Oct 4 - PEC Marathon This is one I've been wanting to do since it started. I have been wanting to do another marathon for several years, and I mean it this time! I'm looking forward to switching gears from the 50 miler. I like the early Oct date, because there's good opportunity to switch to a later one in event of bad weather or if I mess it up.

I may throw some shorter tune-up races in here and there, but knowing myself, I may just as easily talk myself out of them!


Aaron Anderson said...

That sounds like a great line up Sara!

David said...

Good little choice of races. a 50 miler and a road marathon - nice. you'll love PEC - everyone I know that does it loves the course.
I was thinking of JFK this fall, but with K-rock I need the training time and JFK would require too much recovery. I am doing the Green Lakes Endurance 50k( - Aug 30th and Toad 50k Oct 3.
Heal those feet.
Happy Easter.