Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello From Yellowknife

We are settling in to sunny and crisp Yellowknife, and gearing up to start the race tomorrow. Check out Derrick's blog for more details, and also refer to:

for daily update and photos over the next several days while the race unfolds.

Off to the Matrix Village now.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck in the race. Everything is fine at home.


Anonymous said...

Sending good energy your way.
Race Hard and Race Happy!

Joanne and C-Moss

Eliza said...'s report did not mention you or Derrick. They did mention those who had to quit the race early due to frost bite and equipment problems though. So at this point I am taking NO News as GOOD News and look forward to your report on Monday or Tuesday. It sounds like the conditions are tough out there. Keep Safe.

Geoff said...

just read about derrick's misfortunes, but i was also excited to read that it sounds like you're doing great. i suspect you won't read this until after you're done but i'll be sending you all the good vibes i can. can't wait to hear how it turned out.

Derrick said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Race headquarters at the Matrix Village were able to patch me through on the radio to the Jennejohn stage camp last night, so I was able to speak briefly with Sara. She said the conditions were very tough, but she was encouraged with how she was feeling, and looking forward to the final push to home today.

I was hoping to catch a media flight out to the stage camp for the start, but unfortunately wasn't able to, so I'll be anxiously awaiting Sara's arrival this afternoon sometime probably after 3pm. I will call in or post results at that point.

The weather this morning in YK isn't too cold, but it's been snowing pretty hard which will make some of the lake crossings hard. The wind should be at their backs though, which will help to push everyone to the finish.

Go Sara!!!! Can't wait to see you!

Aaron Anderson said...

One word Sara..."AWESOME"! Keep it up!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing Sara! We are thinking about you and sending all our love and good vibes your way. Can't wait to hear about everything.
We are so proud.
Your Brother Jeff, Heather, Whit and Sully

Jack and Rosemary Spafford said...

Jack and Rosemary Spafford said...
CONGRATULATIONS are in order as Sara and Derrick just phoned and Sara won her race. Derrick said she had a great day today and a really strong finish. Friday they fly her up to the Billitron Mine where they will present her with her diamond. We are so happy for Sara.

Aaron Anderson said...

Congrats Sara! You did amazing!

Derrick said...

Just wanted to add a quick update in addition to mom and dad's. Sara is in and had a fantastic race. She kept getting stronger and stronger. She ran a very smart race and looked just incredible finishing. Gawd it was so good to see her.

we're back at the hotel now. After a quick bath, Sara is having a nap before we'll head out for a bite to eat.

I can't tell you how proud I am of how Sara ran. Very gutsy race, which of course I didn't help matters with being sick. She is so tough mentally and physically and I just couldn't be happier for her.

We'll have more time tomorrow to probably put a few more words together.

Thanks to everyone and all of our sponsors for your support.


Sara said...

Thanks very much for all the messages, it means so much to me. I'm feeling a bit tired right now, but will write more later.

It's so good to be done and back with Derrick. He was in good hands with Ken at Matrix Village last night, but it sure feels good to be back together now.

David said...

Enjoy the win - savour it all - so well earned. What a high you must be on. Wow - amazing job.

David and Kimberley

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara - You totally rock!! Congratulations - great job! We've been glued to the websites and blogs every day since it started. Get some rest and savour this awesome achievement. Maybe sprinkle a little diamond dust on that sleeping bag too!


Geoff said...

congratulations Sara!! you're a Rockstar (pun intended). hope your recovery goes well and i look forward to reading more about it.

Anonymous said...

It was so exciting following your race Sara!
You continue to be such an inspiration to me and lots of others.
Enjoy that Rock!!

Joanne & C-Moss

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Sara.

Too bad about Derrick's health this time out, but clearly the Spafford/Montgomery squad has other good cards to play!

Steve Bonisteel

Sara said...

Thanks again you guys.

Geoff - We thought of you and Jill a lot after Derrick had to drop under similar circumstances to you at ITI. It must have been that much tougher for you guys that bad luck struck you both. As I told Derrick, I believe life has something bigger and better in the wings when that happens. It'll be sweet to watch that unfold.

David, you'll love Rock and Ice. I'm excited for you to experience it next year.