Monday, March 2, 2009

Training Summary for Rock and Ice

I'm very happy with my training this winter. Whatever happens at Rock and Ice, I feel like I've prepared well in that I'm in a better place now than I was in October. The training has built nicely on a good foundation from last year. Long runs have been by far the hardest, and sometimes when I'm doing them I feel like they make me weaker not stronger, which freaks me out. Looking back, I realize that they have given me a lot of confidence because I got through them even though they were tough.

Summary of my training over the last 18 weeks:
- Averaged 10:37 of running/week
- Averaged 1:31/day
- 12 weeks with an average above 10 hours
- 3 weeks above 14 hours
- Long runs: 11 runs of 3+ hours
- Workouts: 11 tempo, 6 hill reps, 5 uphill treadmill, 1 interval
- Strength work: 1 per week or so, maintaining from last year mostly
- Pack runs: 9 total, mostly long runs
- Snowshoe runs: scattered throughout

The next three weeks I'll taper down the mileage and sprinkle in just a few light workouts for fun. I'm getting excited to head to Yellowknife!

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Derrick said...

You've had an awesome block of training which is going to help you so much for R&I and beyond.