Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gear Gathering, Muscle Meltdown, and Just a few Jitters

The countdown is on to Rock and Ice. That temperature graph I posted below? Forget it. The highs are now forecast to be more like -18°C for the race. That's sounding more like the race I signed up for.

This week is being consumed with getting together all the gear we will need and seeing how it fits together. I'm sure it will all add up to too much and too heavy, even though I'm not typically one to pack a ton of extras.

My legs have felt sore and awful since my last long run on ice, and I'm trying to coax them back to life with a lot of extra rest. I did a short tempo run last night, as if to say, "Hey Legs, buddies... remember running?" They gimped along, grudgingly, as if to say, "Hey Jerkface, bully... remember killing us?" There's still lots of time to heal up; I'm not too worried about this little disconnect.

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