Thursday, March 5, 2009


Check out The Weather Network's 14-day forecast for Yellowknife this morning. (We arrive in YK on the 19th.) I'll continue checking the weather obsessively, multiple times a day, from three different sources. I'll be relieved if it isn't in fact -40, but then again I don't want it to be TOO warm, or the snow will be harder to run in. Tough to please, I know!

If I could choose, I'd ask for lows of -22 to -18; highs of -12 to -8 (all in °C); clear, sunny skies; minimal wind; no Ontario-like, core-permeating humidity; and lots of northern lights dancing at night.

That would be great, thanks. :)


Derrick said...

Nice forcast Earl (Finkle). Can you put in a request for a strong tailwind and downhill loop too ;)

Sara said...

Sure, no prob. No downhills on the lakes though, that's just scary (unless you're Rune "Walk on Water" Gjeldnes!). Though at least you'll have a little yellow boat with you!

BarbC said...

Boy, does this sound familiar! I look at that little blue graph every day - and check every other weather source I can find. Look forward to meeting you soon.

Barb C

Sara said...

Hi Barb! It'll be nice in a few days to get a better idea of what the weather has in store for us. We'll see you up there soon!