Monday, January 26, 2009

Week of Jan 19 - 25

A good week. The treadmill tempo was really tough so I just did strides on thursday instead of another workout. Felt good to go into Sunday's long run a little more rested. The reality of Rock and Ice is settling in as it gets closer. I only have five or six precious weeks left to put in hard training. The gym is annoyingly busy but I want to keep up the treadmill tempos as they really help me feel stronger.

M - 63 (snowshoe; strength after)
T - am 70 (treadmill tempo; 5'@8deg,5'@10,2'@0;5'@10,5'@8,1'@0,5'@12; early workout before work, really tough) pm 31 (microspikes)
W - am 54 pm 40 (snowshoe)
T - am 41 pm 80 (45' snowshoe, then road with 10 strides; felt great)
F - am 48 pm 56 (snowshoe)
S – 60 (cat trail hard snow)
S - 214 (backpack run; heavy; Tried to cross Varty Lk but it was melty in the middle)
Total 12:37

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