Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Trail

Well, my "non-running weekend streak" is over (see post below)...I just got back from a run. I'm glad I did, because I learned a few things and found a new trail.

I went to a snowmobile trail near our place where I probably should have worn snowshoes, but I decided instead to just use my shoes and microspikes. I wanted the opportunity to practice running on a tough surface for my Rock and Ice training. Even with the spikes I was totally spinning my wheels and not warming up very well. After 12 minutes, the toes on my left foot were starting to freeze, and it was only -10C, so I should have been okay by then. I wasn't having much fun.

In an effort to warm up, I started bounding with an exaggerated stride and two thing happened: First, within a minute my toes warmed up; and second, I started moving over the soft snow a lot more efficiently and enjoyably. A good thing to discover for R&I. I dropped the exaggeration a bit, but kept the more forefoot striking form, and it was a much better run. The slower I go, the more heel strike I usually have, and this was really working against me on the soft surface. I still need to work a lot on this stuff and be better prepared for anything.

The new trail was only a 10 minute loop, but it was so pretty as it weaved narrowly through snow-dappled pine trees.


Derrick said...

Sounds like a nice trail, great run and good learning experience. Look forward to seeing the new section.

Eliza said...

Hey Sara,
Sorry you can't make it to Richmond. Nice of you to consider it though. You could have ran it with your backpack(or is it still your Koala Bear?) on for the practice.
Since getting back from Florida I have had to adjust to running in the snow again. I find that it is a good opportunity to really concentrate on my form also. The better my form, the less slippage.
Hey, I found a new trail today also. The end of Freeman Rd. was a very nice surprise for me on my long run today. The road suddenly turned into some sort of enchanted forest with the road transformed in to snow covered hills lined by tall trees leading to a valley where Children were skating on a pond. Then I was out on to Boundry Rd. again. It sure was nice while it lasted.

Sara said...

Hi Eliza - That spot at the end of Freeman is beautiful. We call it The World's Prettiest Road. Good for hill workouts.

Interesting that you find the same with snow running.

I was telling Karen the other day that I wanted to strangle my Koala sometimes. Nice!

Good luck this weekend.