Sunday, January 4, 2009

Week of Dec 29 - Jan 4

M - am 45 pm 38
T - 106 (12 lb pack; Paudyn Loop, felt quite good, beautiful day, sunny and -5C)
W - 68 Hare Trail
T - 20
F - am 45 pm 79 (30' trail tempo; icy sections; felt good)
S - 181 (light pack; nice trails; beautiful day; sluggish throughout and knackered by the end)
S - am 50 (plus strength circuit) pm 20
Total 10:43

While on holidays the last two weeks, it was good to add in more medium long runs. That is something I find tough to do during the week, but need more of.

2008 total running hours = 406 hours 23 minutes (66.6 minutes a day). It's harder than it looks on paper to get above an hour a day average when you factor in days off, tapers, recoveries, etc. and I was really happy to pull it off. Derrick did 1:42 a day....that's just amazing! Averaging it out like that really puts it in perspective. I bet I spend about the same average time driving. (And no one tells me I drive too much! ha ha.)


Derrick said...

Great week!

Thanks for joining me for a few token 20's.

Derrick said...

....and year!!!