Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week of Jan 12 - 18

A good week, and happy to have my training partner returning to health for the latter half of it. Sure makes getting out there a lot more enjoyable.

M - am 40 pm 40 (snowshoe) + strength
T - am 40 pm 53 (20' tempo on snowshoes)
W - am 60 pm 30 (snowshoe)
T - am 60 (10x~70" hill reps) pm 45 (snowshoe Hare Tr, gorgeous)
F - am 25 pm 45 (snowshoe, Hare Tr again)
S - 62 (snowshoe Little Cat)
S - 180 (mostly snowshoe, Paudyn Loop, super deep snow. Fell hard over hidden branch in first loop and banged knee - not sure what was worse - the pain or being completely covered in snow. All in all, tough run and therefore great training for R&I)
Total 11:20


Derrick said...

Great week. Was nice joining you on a few more runs.

Awesome run on Sunday in that deep snow. That is the type of stuff you could have to deal with if it's anything like last year at R&I.

Sara said...

I guess we have to be prepared for anything, but really hoping the footing is hard (hard as in solid, not as in difficult).