Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Plan B

HAHAHAHA. That's my body laughing at me for declaring that I'm going to start training. It was going well until Wednesday when I tripped on a stick and set back my hamstring. Tripping on a stick is very common when trail running, and usually isn't a big deal, but obviously I was still vulnerable. Since then when I try to run I've been compensating, which is leaving my back and legs feeling sore and out of whack. When I get back to where I was a few weeks ago, I'm going to have to be more careful and stick to easier trails.

Plan B is to get my butt to the gym to cross train. I so despise the elliptical, but its now officially desperate times.

HAHAHAHA. That's me laughing. Oh wait, not funny.

Update: I made friends with the new ellipticals at our new gym. It was good.


Kea said...

Not funny, except to the gods/fates, who delight in their sick sense of cosmic humour.


David said...

Well your Blog name is Trail Tripping after all. What would you expect?

Ellipticals are great for maintaining fitness when injured, as well as recovery. Glad you are embracing them and making new friends

Next time - lift your darn feet would ya ;)

EJ said...

Just a temporary setback. A glitch in the plan soon to be resolved. I really don't think your body is laughing at you. Your body is nice and would never do that: )

Sue said...

I feel for you Sara, I can't even imagine getting on the eliptical machine at my gym. Just a little setback, take care and watch out for those sticks.

Sunshine Girl said...

Thought of you yesterday! Ran the shoreline of Lake Minnewanka and came back right down the middle of the lake. It's been a dry couple of months ie. no snow in Banff. I also went up and visited the Mount Ass(iniboine) sign, but had to ski for 10km for that privilege. Now get your self well and watch out for those sticks, clutz!

JD said...

Ah, our friend the elliptical. The one we love to hate, but can't live without.

Is it the appliance itself, or the fact that we have to stand there with the "other people", wearing Lululemon stretch pants and reading "US Weekly" while "working out". (full disclosure: I own Lululemon shirts and they're great, but you know what I mean!).

Sara said...

JD, ha ha. Us Weekly would have been a step up from yesterday when I caught an interview of Mitt Romney on The View on the thing. Oh wow, that was pathetic on too many levels to count.

Aside from the Olympics being over and nothing good to watch on the screens, it's been pretty good. Doing some timed workouts, makes it better.