Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We enjoyed the sunset last night while looking out over our spring pond, and watching countless flocks of geese fly north. It's such a nice time of year, lots of sun and warming up, but still no bugs.

It's been amazing to get out running with shorts on. I've graduated myself out of the gym and am back to all running again. It helps to have the soft, smooth Cataraqui Trail free of snow now. My plan is to hold the mileage steady at around 6-7 hours per week of easy effort and adjust to that fully before increasing anything.

I think it's a reasonable plan, but it's hard to not overanalyze every little ache right now. Just like going into a race you have to trust the training, I guess with coming off an injury you have to trust the healing.

Also from last night, Siku looking serious moments before being pounced on by Jesse (in the background).


Sue said...

Beautiful dogs you have Sara. Yes isn't it nice to finally have spring in the air again. Glad to hear that your back running again on the trails.

slowrunner said...

sweet view! almost time for peepers.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful weather and beautiful dogs, it's hard to stay inside with all of this gorgeous weather. Good that you are now able to run more. Enjoy the spring.


Derrick said...

Hard to imagine that within a month or so, we'll be barefoot running on our soft grass trail instead of the pond that's currently there.