Monday, February 8, 2010

Heron Run

Yesterday, EJ, Derrick and I did a very fun run to check out the heron nests and beaver lodge. We added on two other trails, to get in 72'. That's the most I have done without snowshoes in a long time. Got in about 4.5 hours for the week, which felt good.


Kea said...

Those nests are so cool, Sara! It's one thing for you to tell me about them, another to see pictures!

EJ said...

Thanks Sara and Derrick for taking me out to see the heron nests and the beaver dam. It was nothing like I expected to see but apparently quite typical. Neat to learn about the connection between herons and beavers as well.
Thanks for the great photos.
PS I was also very honoured to accompany you both on your longest run in a while and know it was just the beginning of many, many, many more to come.

David said...

Looks like a fun time guys. Congrats on the runs - that is huge. Amazing sky in the pictures, especially in the last one.
So what is the Heron/Beaver story?

Sue said...

Those nests are huge! I've never seen anything like that. Those are some awesome trails that you guys have to run on in your area. Lots to see compared to miles of nothing here. Ok so I can see my dog chase a rabbit for at least a mile or two...but nothing like those nests.

Sara said...

Thanks, K and EJ.

David, EJ told me that herons often nest in the dead trees flooded out by beaver dams.

Sue, Any time you're in Ontario you're welcome to come check out some of our trails with us.