Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yellow Light

It's been five months. I'm going to start training. Through January I've sprinkled back elements of training (doubles, longer runs, higher weeks, even yoga) padded with lots of recovery, and everything has held up. I've had some acupuncture, which is helping my hamstring. I feel in a better place than I did a month ago, so I'm taking that as a 'proceed, with caution'. It's a birthday present to myself, I turn 39 today. That's not nearly as exciting as turning 13, which Heather just did. Happy Birthday, Heather!

A voice in the back of my mind has been telling me to run a 100 the year I turn 40. I get emotional thinking about it, which is a sign I really want to.

Training, yes! Bring it OOOOOOOONNNNNNNN. Can you say, Sick of Myself??? I can. As my Dad says, 'Sometimes you're so far down you think it's up!'

Yesterday we took Siku for a very fun run on a friend's property where we were able to go out on a giant pond. It was frozen smooth and has a clump of trees with 10 heron nests overlooking a big beaver lodge. Very cool. Our backyard is flooded into a decent pond too. Derrick Orr has been shooting pucks for the dogs a lot. Neeka, Mali and Siku are really into it.

La Sportiva has announced their 2010 Running Team and associate sponsors in this release.


Kea said...

Happy b-day, Sara. A yellow light is much better than a red one. :-)

A 100-miler? Whew! Just thinking about it boggles my mind. Fabulous goal to aim for!

EJ said...

Happy 39th Sara.
I am so jealous that you saw the heron nests. 10 nests means 20 adult Heron's plus their babies perhaps 2-5 per couple. Very cool in deed.

I love your 100 mile dream. Can't wait to see you live.

Of course we all know that a yellow flashing light means to proceed with caution however a yellow traffic light is a different story. Sometimes I take it as a sign to slow down before I get the red light and other times it is a sign to speed up to beat the red light. I suppose it is up to each of us to figure out how to deal with the "yellow lights" in our lives.

I am assuming you are on the La Sportiva Team again. Congrats: )

David said...

Happy Happy Birthday.

100 when you're 40, means 50 when you're 39, can't get away with it now.

Congrats on making the team for 2010 - it will be a great year I'm sure.

Sara said...

Kim - It completely boggles my mind too.

EJ - That's it...the traffic light analogy means I still shouldn't run on roads!

David - Gulp, you're right!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Sara, we hope you have a great day. 39 is nothing...it only get's better from there!
Sue Boober and Nelson

Sara said...

Thanks, Sue! I flipped through the latest Trail Runner and saw your pic and story! Coooooool!!!