Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome Back to Winter

My friend Deb is in town, visiting from Taiwan, and we spent a few days north of here at a cottage and doing some trail running. On snow! What a concept! Deb has always loved snow, and I miss snow with all the ice we currently have, so we both had a great time playing on the trails.

The pretty view from the cottage. This is the Mississippi River, not to be confused with The Mississippi River.

Trails at Wheeler's Pancake House, in MacDonalds Corners (near Perth).

Deb made this snow angel!

All the maple tubing made for lots of limbo fun!

This guy is staring down a cat.

We also saw sheep, lots of woodpeckers (including two really big ones), and a red fox on the way out.

Deb, this is what The WHEEEE Monster looks like!!

First time on snowshoes!!

The feast after. When we were done, half that bottle of mapley, slurpy goodness was gone.

What a perfect winter day. Thanks, D!!


David said...

Kim was just saying yesterday that it is getting close to Sugar Bush season. Yum. We might have to check out Wheeler's, nver been there.

Looks like the girls had a good time and were reasonably well behaved.

Kea said...

You guys had a great time, by those photos! What a fantastic snow angel.

But I'm so glad it was YOU out in the snow, not me. Heh.

Derrick said...

Hrrrumph....all I got to do was run on ice (yet again), and have cold cereal for breakfast.

...At least my Microspikes and Dions got to have fun!

Stonehaven said...

Looks like you both had lots of fun -- love that snow.

D said...

Aaah winter. Aaaah sugar maples. Aaah Wheeler's. Thanks for a great time, S! And thanks to Derrick for the gear- I love the microspikes to pieces!!!