Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week of Jan 26 - Feb 1

A good week. Saved up some energy during the week to be ready for a couple of long runs on the weekend. Really fun Saturday long run to Jack and Rosemary's place where they fed us and even drove us home! Thank you! Sunday was tough to get out the door for, but really wasn't too bad and it went by fast. Helped to bring lots of snacks: Snickers bars, jujubes, curd and Sustained.

M - 58 (snowshoe)
T - am 60 pm 76 (40' tempo on rolling North Tr with mspikes; felt really great)
W - early am 40
T - am 68 pm 50 (snowshoe then road; had so much energy, weird to not do workout; strength circuit after)
F - am 42 pm 41 (snowshoe)
S - 244 = 4:04 (pack run; 3:48 in mspikes, then snowshoes)
S - 151 = 2:31 (Paudyn Loop snowshoe; deep snow)
Total 13:50

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