Monday, February 16, 2009

Week of Feb 9 - Feb 15

Knee felt fine so ramped back up. Great week of mileage and workouts. The uphill tempo was easier than it has been. Will do 10' tempo outdoors next time before hitting the treadmill part. The km repeats felt good. After all the snowshoeing and hill work I want to add some faster stuff for a few weeks to wake the legs up and make slower paces seem easier. Long run was awful, but at least it served the purpose of getting me my planned 2 hours/day average this week. Derrick had a great one, he checked in on me from time to time but otherwise needed to do his own thing. I was happy to plod along by myself, especially when I was cursing wildly at a rutty, icy, muddy corn field crossing and had a bit of a meltdown. Misery training, gotta like it.

M - am 58 pm 40
T - am 60 uphill treadmill tempo (25' total; 5' each @ 8,9,10,11,12deg) pm 40
W - am 50 pm 40 (plus strength)
T - 90 (2x[3x1000m w/2'/j]w/3'/j; 1@tempo, 1@10k, 4@5k efforts; Ring Rd in cold rain)
F - am 40 pm 40
S - am 75 pm 45
S - 262 (4:22) pack run
Total 14:00


Eliza said...

Hey Sara,
I love your new picture. You look like a serious contender for the K-Rock Ultra here. I liked the old pic also, thought you looked like a happy bunny hopping through the forest.

Sara said...

Hippity hoppity! :) Thanks, Eliza.