Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stress Relief!

Since the summer I've had this annoying lateral foot pain that just wouldn't go away. With all of the uneven snow running last week it was getting really bad and causing a lot of wincing when I hit it the wrong way. On a lunch run with Karen yesterday I dinged it a few times and was getting really scared that it was something serious.

Last night I went to see Dr. Scot Mundle of Napanee Chiropractic Care Centre. After doing some diagnostic poking around my foot, he adjusted my cuboid bone, and it seems that fixed things up. When he pushed under my foot after the adjustment, the pain that was there before was gone. I'm taking a recovery week now anyway, so will give the soft tissues an opportunity to heal up a bit more.

So basically this has been bugging me since the summer and gotten worse lately to the point I was fearing it was a stress fracture and starting to panic, and took all of a few minutes to diagnose and fix! I was a very happy camper leaving the office. Thanks a ton, Scot!

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