Monday, February 9, 2009

Week of Feb 2 - Feb 8

A big recovery week. Resolved a foot problem early in the week, then developed a weird knee problem later. Hoping all is okay to ramp up again next week.

M - 45
T - off
W - 24
T - 28
F - off
S - 49 (plus strength circuit; knee very sore after)
S - 45 (snowshoe; knee weak but improved)
Total 3:11

Newton's little-known fourth law of motion states that runners in training tend to stay in training and feel increasingly more alive and invincible. When recovering, they get to feeling run-down and cranky, experience a significant loss of confidence, and start to fall apart, body part by body part.


Eliza said...

Did Derrick tell you about my knee?
I swear these things spread through word of mouth.

Sara said...

Eliza, are you okay, can you run on it? I didn't know yours was sore, but hope you feel better soon!

Eliza said...

Knee is almost 100%. Kept running through it and had some great workouts. Iced frequently and cut out my leg strength workouts. Not sure if I am doing my one legged squats today or not?.
It was great to hear that your foot adjustment fixed that nagging pain for you.

Sara said...

Whew...Good to hear you've managed to rehab it back to health. Have a great week!

Derrick said...

As we always say...the key is to double your mileage;)

Yes, if your knee is feeling great after your long run yesterday it's ok to add legs back into your workout.