Monday, September 12, 2011

Haliburton 50 Miles

Just a quick race report for the Haliburton 50M. The year I turned 30 I ran my first marathon, so it was a nice bookend to finish my first 50 Miler ten years later. The timing was a bit close to TransRockies, but there are no other options for me this year, so with a good weather forecast, I took the leap of faith that it would work out.

Things started off well, and I got to the turnaround a bit before 5 hours (maybe 4:40ish; can't remember the exact time as I didn't take splits), and knew it was going to be a long way back from there as I was already getting pretty tired. I got a mental lift on the corduroy trail after AS 6 (the part of the trail that everyone hates but I loved) but then gradually entered a death shuffle over the next section and by AS 4 when I saw Derrick. I was sad for him that he dropped, but know he will make up for it soon. It was comforting to look forward to seeing him at the remaining aid stations. The last loop around Macdonald Lake and back to base took me almost 2 hours, which killed my (admittedly long-shot) idea of breaking 10 that had come into my brain somewhere along the way. By that point I didn't care, and was really happy with 10:16:28.

It was good to be back at Haliburton, for the most part the trails are fun, technical, soft, and beautiful. No mountains, but the endless rolling hills take their toll by the end. I swore off (up and down and repeatedly) anything longer than a 50K from now on (okay, after Hong Kong, Deb), but of course our stupid minds always try to talk us back into it. We'll see.

I had a lot of the typical GI troubles in trying to figure out the fine balance of nutrition. I think I fueled a bit too much in the first-half (for what I could handle), and too little at the end. I'd switch to a liquid fuel by the end if I could do-over. My quads are very sore, and I took the elevator up to my 2nd floor office this morning. :)

My trusty Quantums that got me through TransRockies were a great choice again for this (dry trail) year at Hali, and I used a single UD holder except for AS 5 to AS 4 on the way back where I added a handheld.

It was great to see everyone back at the Forest, to share all the good, bad and ugly. As usual, it was mind blowing to see the physical and mental strength of the 100 milers. Truly amazing. KO, you rock.

Thank you to the one-and-only Helen Malmberg and her amazing crew.

And that's all I have to say about that.


EJ said...

Marathons and 50ks are but a sprint for you now;-)

Derrick said...

Was great to be able to see you run your 50 miles so well. Glad I got to see your good, bad and ugly.

Sara said...

EJ, From 100 meters to 100 miles, they are all painful in their own way!

Derrick - I sure did ugly well, didn't I? :)

Derrick said...

You were a hurtin' swamp dawg when I saw you, but in a very impressive looking way.

lonerunman said...

Yahoo! Congratulations, Sara, what a great race to have run so soon after TRR. You guys make the Haliburton course sound so nice, I'll have to seriously look at that for next year.
I'm glad the day went well for you.

Moogy said...

Great job Sara!!

slowrunner said...

LOVED the game face as you ran up the last hill towards the finish. amazing race sara - glad i was a part of it! and thanks for your support during my 'hours of pain'.

tuff chicks rock !!

Sara said...

Thanks, Bruce. Definitely recommend it for next year.

Thanks Moogy!

Kendra - Ha, game face was actually "I'm hurtin' bad and need this to be over" face." :) BTW, you rock, as previously mentioned.

David said...

Damn where to start. I am so happy and proud of you, what you have accomplished in the last month is truly remarkable. From where you were a year a go to today, you must feel such a huge feeling of accomplishment and relief.
I had no idea you were actually going through with Hali until Derrick twittered he was heading out to crew for you, Kim and I were speechless. You ran it so well, and what in an incredible time, really! I know you say never, but 50miles is a special distance, it is beyond sane, but not quite insane.
I hope you take a month or two totally off now, enjoy some yoga, and Fall, and good beer by the campfire with the pack.
Congrats again and I can't wait to give you a congratulatory hug in person.

Sara said...

David, thank you so much for that. I really needed to look back and be grateful for being able to do these things now. It's been tough ramping up, and somewhere in there I haven't been remembering that. Love the beyond sane but not quite insane line, very funny and so true.

Buttons said...

Wow Sara way to go. I cannot believe you even attempted it. You are one tough girl Congratulations you have made this quite a year. Now you can take a little rest OK. B

Sue said...

A big congrats on your 3rd place finish Sara. Your Rock Girl!!!

Sara said...

Thanks Buttons! Definitely resting now. :)

Hi Sue, thanks! Congrats on your race, I saw you had a really good one!! I hope you write about it, would love to hear your thoughts on it.