Friday, September 16, 2011

TransRockies Run Race Report at

The reason we had the opportunity to go to TransRockies this year in the first place was by winning a contest for a free team entry from Bryon Powell (Mr. iRunFar) asked us to write something about the race, and he just posted our report.

If you're new to iRunFar, be sure to poke around, subscribe to the emails or feeds, and even request a cool bumper sticker (like the logo below), or shop for some of the coolest gear in the sport. When a marquee race is coming up in the world of ultrarunning, chances are that the iRunFar team is there covering it from all angles.


David said...

THAT was frigging AWESOME to read. I know it took a lot of work to write the article, but very appreciated. What fun.

Sara said...

Thanks, David. It was fun to write once we got going. Hope y'all have a great weekend.

Buttons said...

Sara I have read this article twice WOW it is excellent. You both show how your partnership and different strengths carried you through. This was such a great read, I am so happy you can show how if you believe in something and trust the one you love you can be unstoppable.
Great race great rundown. I loved it. B

Sara said...

Thanks, Buttons, glad you enjoyed the nitty gritties. We thought we'd work well together out there, just from having run so much together.