Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TransRockies Quick Recap

We finished TransRockies, and we even finally made it home despite Irene. We ended up in 6th in the masters mixed category. A full race report will be going up on irunfar.com in the next week or so. It was a really tough challenge for me, and I'm happy to have gotten through it. All our orginal flights were cancelled both ways, and a gash on my hand requiring stitches on Day 3 made for a bit of a bigger challenge than we bargained for. TRR will forever re-calibrate my assessment of hilly runs. Beautiful scenery, amazing people, and satisfying finishes made the hard parts all worth it. Thanks to friends and family for your good wishes.

A few photos: Climbing Hope Pass; Derrick's prescription of milkshake after my medical visit; Ribbons of singletrack way up high - it doesn't get any better than that; Enjoying the views on the run; Another view; Finishing felt so good.


Buttons said...

Oh Sara I am so proud of both of you. I can't imagine how hard that was after the travel delays and everything. I am glad your injury was only minor.Now you have a badge to remember your trip.
Funny My Hero always thinks ice cream makes my bad days better. He may be right. Congratulations Sara you did a fantastic job. I love your photos. B

Lakewood said...

Awesome...can't wait to hear the details. I missed you guys be literally an hour in Leadville. I had to leave the morning the race started in town. I walked down to the camp area on 6th, but didn't see you, and left before the start. So glad you guys finished...sorry about the flight cancelations and hand gashes. ugh.


EJ said...

I hope your hand is healing well. I really enjoyed following your race during the week. Glad you made it home Ok.

So now the big question, are you still sleeping in the "tent".

lonerunman said...

Thanks for your and Derrick's company at the race, Sara. We really enjoyed meeting and hanging out with you guys. We were thinking of you on our way home when we saw all east-bound flights cancelled in DEN when we left, but am glad to hear it all worked out...eventually!

It was good times, I'm glad we were able to share them!

I'll get in touch later with some photos we have of you two, and some team shots.


Derrick said...

Quite the experience for sure and certainly has one missing the mountains already. Looking forward to the next adventure....though without the flight and injury issues.

...Sorry the milkshake wasn't Soy :)

Sara said...

Buttons - Thank you, and you're right, the scar will always be a little reminder.

Lakewood - Sorry we missed you!!! Great job at Leadville 100!! Inspiring season you're having.

EJ - Thanks for following along. I'm not speaking to the tent quite yet. Or my shoes. They are both great, but I need a few days.

Bruce - It was such a highlight hanging out with you and Martha and getting to know you both. Hope you're both enjoying some recovery from a very busy August. I'll send some photos off to you too.

Derrick - The bit of a stomach ache was worth all those needed calories. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Whoa your one tough chicky! Its really inspirational how you guys always find the silver lining. Great job and at some point we'll hvae you over for dinner again, Gwen misses you!


Sara said...

Keith - Thanks. The fall was actually somewhat helpful in that it made my trashed legs come back to life and gave me a big jolt of energy. I don't recommend that approach, but it was interesting!

Miss Gwendolyn - Mrrreowwww.

William said...

I bet running was a nice departure from all the flight issues. I'm glad things went well despite some minor hiccups along the way. The landscape looks stunning. I hope to run an event such as this someday. All the better experience to have someone to share it with. Great job guys!

Buttons said...

Hi Sara I thought you would like to read a blogger friends post. Her photos are incredible and I know you can relate to her feelings.


GZ said...

Looking forward to the full report. I expect to hear raving about the low humidex. :)

Ack on the hand - I saw Derrick state something about that somewhere. A fall I guess?

Sara said...

Thanks, William, and for the link, Buttons.

GZ - Yes, the dry air was fantastic. Though your sunshine up there is so fierce, wow. I fell on the (very beautiful) Colorado Trail.

GZ said...

Yeah, I am sure I am brewing up a good case of skin cancer being a mile closer to the sun than most. Hope your hand heals up well

Karen S-F said...

I am so happy for both of you, Sara. Such an incredible experience and you remain one of my heroes for carrying on given your early injury! Actually a heroic accomplishment even without that added complication. Glad you made it home safely and hope you have soundly booted the tent out of the bedroom! xo

Aliza Lapierre said...

Very proud of both of you and hope you are recovering well. TRR certainly is an experience like no other and sounds like you made the best of what life threw at you.

Sara said...

Thanks so much, Karen! Still no tent!

Aliza - Thanks, and congrats on your win at Waldo!! We were following along and cheering on the way to transrockies.