Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some weekly notes

- Sunday I wasn't going to run, feeling tired from an increase in training and thinking the rest would be better. For some reason though I felt very antsy late in the afternoon and I just had to get out for a bit. So I ran up a nearby road and enjoyed the late afternoon sun. In fact it was spectacular, with the entire sky all the way around turning pink. Turning around, I was facing into the sunset and it was stunning. I was coming down a long gradual hill when it was at its peak, with so many layers of deep red and orange. I'm glad that I didn't miss that sunset, it was probably the best I've ever seen.

- Bosu and treadmill are still good. For some reason my stride rate on the treadmill is about 10 higher than it typically is outside, which is helpful. I have three uphill workouts done, with three more to go before racing...

- Just signed up for the 29k at Seaton Trail on April 16. I've never run this race, but a few years ago when Derrick ran I did a training run on the trails and it looked fun. Can't wait.

- I've been getting a ton of hits on my blog for an old post that has a picture called "stars". Apparently people are landing there looking for movie star photos. If you want a lot of hits, you should name your photos accordingly, like celebrity gossip, Justin Bieber, etc.

- After a ton of rain on Saturday followed by cold temps, we have a gigantic skating pond. The dogs are finally playing hockey again.

Neeka returning the puck after a breakaway
Go Team!


David said...

Very Cool. Kim and I are going to Barbados in May and have a beach front condo facing West. I hope we have 9 glorious sunsets...not sure which are my favs though, Rises or Sets. I have seen some amazing Sunrises.

I signed up for Seaton 52km today. It will be a great to be at a start line with you again. Now get that other fella to commit would you.

Sara said...

Ah you guys should have some great sunsets! Bliss.

Derrick's committed, no worries. Funny you signed up today too. Must have been the sunshine.

You guys start at 7 am, I start at 9, but I will at both start lines I'm sure. :)

lonerunman said...

how coincidental, I was just listening to Jane Siberry's song "hockey" the other day.... 'use your rubber boots for goalposts....someone's dog just took the puck, he buried it, it's in the snowbank'... so quintessentially Canadian, but there you are, living it :-)

Great to hear the running is going well, Sara. Signing up for the race will be excellent motivation - stay strong and healthy!

Buttons said...

Sara That is funny about the stars I liked that post. They sunsets have been beautiful lots of oranges. The sunrises are equally beautiful I love this time of year OK except for the rain and mud. Enjoy your runs. Hockey dogs cool.

Derrick said...

Yes, nice to have the rink back. Go Bruins!

Yup...Seaton will be fun. Just haven't fully decided what distance yet.

Sara said...

Thanks you-all (y'all). Bruce, I am a Jane fan too, she is such an Artist with a capital A. I met her once when I was about 14 and again about 2 years ago. (So yeah, we are best buds, ha ha.)

Aliza Lapierre said...

OMG Justin Bieber won Western States and his pacer was Charlie Sheen!