Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Niggly vs Injury


- A minor soreness
- Proceed with Caution
- Usually accompanies a training increase
- Gets better rapidly
- Ends up stronger than before
- Within a week it's over and never thought about again
- Feels good in a bad way

- Too painful to run without limping
- Stop
- Usually happens when you feel fit and invincible
- Can take fer-freaking-ever to heal
- Lost fitness, starting over
- Eventually you might see a good side to it all
- Feels bad in a bad way


Derrick said...

So true. Best to avoid bowling nigglies though.

Sara said...

Yes, bowling is in a category of its own, in every way. :)

EJ said...

I hate recurring nigglys like my tight calf and Achillies that could turn into injuries if you don't stay on top of them with massage and stretching and rolling and icing and whispering sweet nothings to them. Also don't forget the "Jiggly". -gets jigglier with age -only known remedy is lycra shorts and tops.

Sara said...

EJ, Sweet nothings, that's better than cursing them! Jigglies, a whole other post entirely. (One I'm not going to write, ha ha)

William said...

Unfortunately I think I have the latter right now, but haven't tested it quite yet.

Sara said...

Yeah, your last blog (along with my own injury and now nigglies) is what made me think about it today, William. Hope you heal up tres fast.

Sue said...

Oh ya those...don't remind me.

chris mcpeake said...

Seems the nigglys are never ending as you get older. They never go away they just kind of move around from body part to body part

William said...

Thanks Sara, likewise!

Holly Vipond said...

I have a LOT of nigglies these days! Haven't tried the sweet nothings... will do so.