Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gym Rat

Since my first race back, I've been very inspired to ramp up my training. I got myself a gym membership again so I can use the treadmill (a) for uphill workouts, and (b) to warm up for (c) strength/plyo stuff mostly using the Bosu (which we don't have at home). I'm lukewarm at best about the treadmill, but it's been nice to add to the mix right now, and in general I love the gym, it is so much fun. The Bosu is the most fun, but I had a sobering moment when I rolled my ankle off of it, which kind of hurt but mostly scared the heck out of me. I'm doing this to get stronger, not to bust something.

So anyway, in this way I've kind of started sneaking in quite a few morning/lunch runs on top of hitting the trails at home after work. Not coincidentally I feel happier than in a long, long, long time. Though I like my job and am not complaining, it is a fact that what I do isn't work in the force X distance sense, except if you count a tiny bit from the wrist down (typing + mousing). Pretty much everyone who works here does something physical every day - walking, running or gym at lunch, etc. which is needed to balance out sitting so much I'm thinking.

Oh, if anyone has any links to good Bosu exercises, I'd love to collect some more ideas.


Some interesting-to-me things:

Fascinating story by Brock Picken of FitForTwoTv on how he gained 40 pounds in 4 days to win a contest.

Raccoon Nation documentary on the The Nature of Things with David Suzuki. Fascinating. Cute.

Really great overview of snowshoe running and racing.

My dog can walk on water.


David said...

I hear yo have been watching at bit more TV at this Gym Place. Favourite Show? The View?

Bosu - Single legged balancing, engaging core and glutes to hold balance - Both Side of Bosu Ball (try for 1 min). I want one for home too.

Sara said...

Nope, no TV this time around. The View was scarring.

Thanks for the idea. 1 minute, that is a long time.

Buttons said...

Sara I have never been to a gym. I have a job where I never have to sit behind a desk unless I want to. I am lucky. Have fun. Love that your dog is so talented. B

EJ said...

Are you using the Bosu unassisted? Hard to get on and off the flat side by yourself. I am always proud when I plant my feet firmly on either side, say a prayer and jump off with out breaking something. How about pushups on the round side. One hand on the floor one on the center of the Bosu. Go back and forth over the Bosu switching hands. Try 10 to 15 and do 2-3 sets.

Do you like Elizabeth on The View??; ) I hear she is suppose to be a pretty fast runner.

Sara said...

Buttons, Yes you are lucky! When I'm running a lot it is okay, but last year I went a little desk crazy.

EJ, I like the idea of going over side to side with the push ups, that sounds very challenging. Thanks!

slowrunner said...

i have a dvd kicking around somewhere in the treehouse. i'll try and find it and send it to you. tons of ideas! i use the bosu all the time with my clients. one of my faves is a one-leg/opposite arm bent over DB row balancing on the bosu flat side up!

Derrick said...

But the question is...
Can Siku the wonder pup balance on a Bosu?

Sara said...

SR - Thanks so much, that would be awesome!

D - She has that claw advantage, but might not be good for the bosu.

Anonymous said...

I like the BOSU ball. I like to stand on it and toss a tennis ball on the wall. Great for hand eye and makes the drill a little harder. I think a TV on a treadmill is a terrible idea. I always seem to feel sick when its on at the gym and since I don't know how to turn it off I just toss a towel on it. I think I have a hockey training booklet around here with a bunch of things for the BOSU ball for balance if you want it. Gald to hear your in such a great place again!

Sara said...

Thanks, Keith, all sounds good. Our treadmill tvs have a power button, which is helpful, though I like the towel idea.