Friday, December 3, 2010

Training: Week of Nov 22

M - 40'
T - 51'
W - 46'
T - 62' [wu, 10' tempo + 5 x Curl Rd Hills (~1:45 up), cd]
F - 45'
S - 40'
S - 145'

Total 7.2 hours; In general I'm also doing post-run stretching and strength/rehab 5-6 days

Just over a nasty November cold, but I usually get it in December, so it's nice to have it out of the way. Thursday workout felt amazing, no twinges of pain at all and able to maintain good form easily. Officially now "uninjured", and a great week to start training with. VERY happy to be back! Would like to race before Feb...don't want to let my 30s pass me by without doing that as a goodbye to my "youth", ha ha ha ha ha.


Derrick said...

Welcome back! :)

Sara said...

Thanks! It will be fun to post training again. I used to wonder why a lot of people stopped posting their training when they were injured. I had zero interest, so I get it now.

Sue said...

So glad your BACK!!! So do you have any race planned? You do realize that 40's are better than 30's :)

Sara said...

Thanks, Sue. Nothing specific planned, will probably start with some shorter snowshoe and road races over the winter to get the feel of being in a race again.

Yeah, I've heard mostly good things about 40+.

David said...

Wow a weekly Update - awesome 7 days straight. My coach won't let me do that.

Guess I have to start posting again.

Sara said...

And you can destroy me over any distance, so maybe I should listen to your coach. :)

lonerunman said...

> Officially now "uninjured"

That's fantastic news, Sara.

...although I'm hoping the pain just didn't migrate across the country from your butt to mine ;-)

Sara said...

Thanks, Bruce.
Solid race on the weekend, looking forward to reading the details. Hope the butt is okay. Get thee to a good physio!