Sunday, December 12, 2010

Training: Week of Dec 6

M - 30'
T - 52'
W - 50'
T - 70' [incl 10' tempo, 3 x long hills, 7 x short at little cat; felt ham tendon on loose snow, so shortened to packed upper hill and was fine]
F - 32' fun strength w/o in snow after
S - am 31', pm 43'
S - 40'

Total 5.8 hours

No long run killed the total compared to the last two weeks, but that's okay. It was uninspiring here weather-wise today, to say the least. Felt kind of tired, so happy to keep it short.

Put up a post on La Sportiva's mountain running blog.

Reading Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire, and it's surprising how much I'm not liking it. It's not that he isn't interesting, and I agree with him about some things, but despite really wanting to like him, I'm really just not.
EDIT: It's getting better. Figured it would so stuck with it.


David said...

21 days straight?

Sara said...

I know. It was fun until yesterday, but now I'm tired and grumpy. Day off.